“New Year Reminder” is event that KAP Anwar & Rekan held annually before peak season starts, where Partners and Management will give information, updates on regulations and standard, including reminder about work ethics to all employees.

In 2022, New Year Reminder was conducted on Wednesday, January 12th, presenter and topic as follows :

  1. Doly Fajar Damanik, Partner – New and Amendment to PSAK
  2. Helli Isharyanto Budi Susetyo, Partner – New Audit Standard
  3. Novizar Tirta, Director – Capital Market
  4. Hana Pergiwati, Director – Tax Update
  5. Patricia, Partner – Code of Ethics for Profession Public Accountant
  6. Irene Handarini Paundanan, Human Capital Senior Manager – Reminder on Work Ethics and Firm Regulation
  7. Jay Arre Diesto and Mr. Agsa Ariefandy, QA Senior Manager and QA Manager – QA Reminders, P2PK findings, and survey of quality index for Public Accountant Profession in Indonesia